Weaving Types

Standard Weaves

Plain Weave: This type is most commonly used. East warp wire passes alternately over and under shute wires at right angles, and viceversa. Openings are square and wire sizes are the same in warp and shute. plain1.JPG (12705 bytes)
twill.JPG (12470 bytes) Twilled Weave: This type is similiar to plain, except that shute wire pass alternatively over and under two warp wires (instead of one) in a staggered fashion. Very fine meshes can be woven more readily in twilled weave than in plain.

Dutch Weaves

plain2.JPG (8585 bytes) twill2.JPG (10404 bytes)


This type is a filter cloth construction made in the same way as plain weave, except that the shute wires are "driven up" to give a tighter woven cloth with minute openings.